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Daniel Mariblanca / 71BODIES (ESP/NOR)


Inish (NOR): Track release: Black Trans Lives Matter

MARICAS (ESP) X Nina Naranjo (COL)

Sami Zibak (PSE)

MARICAS (ESP) X Pepo Fernandez (CHL)


Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1981, Daniel Mariblanca began his professional dance career immediately after graduating from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona in 2005. In 2016, after more than 15 years of dancing professionally around Europe, Daniel joined Carte Blanche in Bergen, Norway. In the same year he created 71BODIES, a transgender inclusive professional dance/performance company. Since then, Daniel has received two nominations for the Pernilleprisen Audience Award (2018: 71BODIES 1DANCE; 2020: Time With You Is Precious), garnered the award for Artist of the Year from the City of Bergen (2018) and recently received Bergens Tidende’s Critics’ Award in Pernilleprisen (2021: In First Person).

71BODIES is a transgender inclusive dance/performance company based in Bergen, Norway and created by Daniel Mariblanca in 2016. The interest of 71BODIES is centered on generation artistic expressions through the personal stories and lived experiences of people that do not belong to mainstream society.

Karmaklubb* has collaborated with 71BODIES and Daniel since summer 2019. A warm collaboration.


PUSSY DICK: Idea and lyrics by Daniel Mariblanca. Film by Ursula Kaufmann. Music by Florian Dorrhofer. Produced by 71BODIES.

The Play Room: Idea and choreography by Daniel Mariblanca. Film by Ursula Kaufmann. Produced by 71BODIES.  

I Was Born: Idea, lyrics, and choreography by Daniel Mariblanca. Protagonists: Barry de Bruin, Bart Bloem, Christer André Gudmundsdottir, Daniel Mariblanca, Isak Bradley, Judith Juanhuix, Koyote Millar, and Silje-Havard Bolstad. Film by Ursula Kaufmann. Music by Florian Dorrhofer. Lights by Lise Lotte Flesland. Sound by Thomas Bruvik. Scenography by Kjersti Alm Eriksen. Produced by 71BODIES.

@71bodies #71bodies #danielmariblanca @danielmariblanca @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb https://vimeo.com/user67594381 — https://www.71bodies.com/ 

Track release: Black Trans Lives Matter 

A track honouring the revolutionary voice of Raquel Willis from a Black Trans Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn during Pride last year. This production was initiated last September and for this pride month in 2021 I revisited the track to create a version echoing today's emotional soundscape.  Our fight for the freedom and safety of queer and trans people of colour is far from over.  All proceeds will be donated to The Okra Project (https://www.theokraproject.com).
"We can't really have pride until we have freedom for all of us." Hazyl  Featuring the voices and wise words of Ianne Fields Stewart and Hazyl from the BTLM movement. The track exhibits on the Ergi and Karmaklubb* launching 2nd July and releases 25th of June 2021 on Spirals. You can buy the track now at www.inish.bandcamp.com/blacktranslivesmatter. All of the proceeds will be donated to The Okra Project.


Inish, born in 1994, is a queer and trans community builder, artist, DJ, and label spirit at Spirals, currently residing in Bergen, Norway. Inish fell in love with Techno when they resided in Berlin and has developed their artistic skills and music ethos during the past years. Inish also took a deeper interest in ‘safer spaces’ in 2017 and organised a rave and exhibition in Berlin called ‘QT’. They explore creativity fearlessly in a wide emotional spectrum and reflect upon themes such as queer resistance and awareness in their artistic projects. With an intuitive approach to production Inish continues to challenge conformity through their music, actions, and voice. In 2019 they established a creative community building project with a group of queers and trans people in Bergen: SAGA. Inish co-led the creation of Norway’s first Transgender Awareness Week, 16 to 20 November 2020. During the pandemic Inish hosted a series of radio DJ sessions called ‘SÅRBAR’. And for 2021: The label, podcast series, and platform Spirals is up and running full time. Spring 2021 Inish released their interdisciplinary project Inner Beings and in summer their first physical release Lytt in collaboration with Sjå at Spirals. Inish is for sure family of Karma*.

Duration: 6:33 min

Link: li.sten.to/blacktranslivesmatter @inishn @spirals.no #inish @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb


MARICAS — a Spanish based queer platform and club collective, a record label, and not to mention a community (and perhaps one of the largest of its kind in Europe) — is collaborating again. While (still) we wait to gather IRL, they present two artists for this virtual celebration: Nina Naranjo aka Randy and Pepo Fernandez. They say: “MARICAS is 66.6 % formed by Latinas and we aim to give visibility to more queer artists and share the passion, love, and fight for what Latin America is all about.” Hell, yes.

@maricxsmxricxs @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb https://linktr.ee/maricasmaricas https://soundcloud.com/maricasmaricas 

Set 1: Nina Naranjo aka Randy (COL) 

Nina Naranjo aka Randy was born in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca in 1995. This multidisciplinary artist uses various languages and practices in her work. She studied in the Academia Superior de Artes in Bogotá and has since participated in important exhibitions at various spaces and galleries in Colombia and Panamá. As a DJ, she has played sets in the most important clubs in Bogotá, such as Video Club, ODEM, and Espacio KB, where she actually is developing an artistic residency and a scholarship for editorial projects. During the festival Incidências Sonoras 2019, Suiza in 2019 she was honoured as one of the most important artists of the region.

Duration: 1:08:35 min @maricxsmxricxs @ninanaranjo_ @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb https://soundcloud.com/randynaranjo 

Set 2: Pepo Fernandez (CHL)

It may be that his early career as a photographer — one that has brought him great recognition since he was 15 years old in his native Santiago — has something to do with this, but the truth is that Pepo Fernandez’s sets are an energy-packed eclectic journey, actively moving between Disco, Italo, House, and Techno without ever losing focus on what he wants to portray on the dance floor. Focusing mainly on melodic beats, Pepo describes his style as ‘sentimental jackin’, a personal inclination that stems from experiencing the South American queer scene in a club context. His years as a student in London exposed him to a wide spectrum of music, but it was his return to Chile, in 2018, that marked the idea of what he wanted to capture. He returned from the United Kingdom with Ignition, a monthly radio program that debuted on the now defunct 199radio and after 3 years ended on Threads, which later served as a platform to launch the queer party series with the same name, which has already been held in London, Santiago, and Lima. He is also a resident of Noa Noa Club with Aerobica, his effervescent duo with Nico Castro. Either with his duo or flying solo, Pepo Fernandez is about to release his first official releases, which will surely serve to deepen his particular vision on clubbing.

Duration: 56:36 min @pepo_fernandez @maricxsmxricxs @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb https://soundcloud.com/pepofernandez 

SAMI ZIBAK (PSE) The Individuation Journey


This mix is made to encourage the coming out of us individuals from the comfort zones, and move forward to The Individuation Journey; a process we must take to discover our true selves in this life. I have mixed some inspirational house tunes from the glorious 90’s rave era to lift up the spirits, and combined them with deep minimal tracks of today to help us remember the importance of taking the time we need to tune in, reflect, and intuitively choose our next steps … This mix is accompanied by a recorded message from me to you the raver, the individual, the brave to tell you: I Love You. Enjoy <3



Born in Jaffa, Sami Zibak is leading a unique path among the alternative Middle Eastern musical scene and the Palestinian underground. Started his journey as an androgynous club dancer back in 2007, Sami is one of the first Palestinians to come out, and encourage future queer generations to express themselves untamed through out the local nightlife and cultural scenes. For a decade and more, Sami has been deejaying in countless parties and raves to help shape and build the local Palestinian sub-culture in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Ramallah.

Bridging real House music and queer revolutionary cultures are his major contributions. In 2019 he began the Berlin based event series held at OHM club, alongside Higher Ground agency and Fever Am label. Fluid aims to provide a platform for talented artists focusing on members of queer scenes around the world that face political repression & conflict. Sami’s dance floor is a riot for Freedom. An opportunity to break free from social conditioning and forced structures of gender and nationality.

Duration: 1:01:16 min 

@samizibak @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-240633034 HÖR, Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9xKoWB4e8Y Images courtesy of Sami Zibak.


SYNK — one of our favourite duos and friends since the early beginning. Some of you may have been so lucky to see these two — Ida Christine Stein & Naomi Camilla Straume Moen — with Karmaklubb* at the Munch Museum or at Ingensteds last Oslo Pride, both in 2019, or 2020 at the ‘House of Love!!!’ or Kulturhuset (the week before lockdown!), or virtually during our ‘Virtual smoke signals’ or takeover of Barcelona-friends Maricas — then you know for sure they are not to be missed. Quick reminder: Really hot and eclectic electro and house vibes (including Russian 80s samples!!!) The Sandefjord-duo blends dreamy synthesizers with playful percussion with harder electronic music; techno, hardcore, acid, breakbeats, house, even elements of trance. Vinyl and CDJs. Eclectic, yes, sometimes even challenging, but always surprising — joyful! — serving pleasures of body/mind. We must mention SYNK also runs TENK KLUBB around the eastern part of Norway, besides playing at venues as Dattera til Hagen, Kurbadhagen, Oslo Camping, The Villa, and rather recently: by:Larm and Oslo Club Cast in collaboration with Det Gode Selskab, SALT ++ New Year’s Eve 2020. Their first official release came in September 2020 as part of Full Pupp’s compilation EP FPXX15. This June they joined the festival Hot!Hot!Hot! 2021, Bergen. And we know much more is coming up …(!) They have entered the space of good karma*, created nice vibes (and a good view, too) … uncountable times, and continuing doing so. And SYNK are sort of in residence, unlimited. We love.

Duration: 96:26 min IMG: SYNK anno 2020. Courtesy of SYNK. #synkduo @synkduo @idasteinmusic @naomismoen @karmaklubb_oslo #karmaklubb https://www.soundcloud.com/synkduo — https://youtu.be/KGf12bX8UN4 


A DJ duo consisting of Italian Carlo Molino and Norwegian Selma Skov Høye). They have graced the dance floors of most clubs in Copenhagen — including Culture Box, Jolene, and Ved Siden Af (where they are also residents) — and paid foreign visits to among others Salon Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin), Dalston Superstore (London), and Oslo’s own Jaeger. They are also founders and residents at the Copenhagen club night ‘Group Therapy’ at Ved Siden Af. As friends of Karmaklubb* they did ‘Virtual smoke signals, sixth’ with us in April 2020, a year of urgency.

Karmaklubb* (NOR)

Karmaklubb* is an autonomous nomadic queer club concept and conversational platform founded by writer, editor, DJ (and amazing friend and collaborator) Tine Semb. Besides club evenings and nights, the programme consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, panels, concerts, performance, the Karma* ale, wine tastings, and sometimes food. Karmaklubb* is also a publishing and research platform, the IGWTLI publishing (established in 2018), that exists as essays, letters and gifts, transcripts, and various written encounters, but also listening sets, podcasts, and an archive of ‘thought & pleasure’ — and new forms constantly to be explored. All aiming to celebrate an open feminist discourse, and challenge language. Critical reflections as well as pure joi [sic!], anchored in the Karmaklubb* morphing and transcending practice with people being part of the travel. Since 2018 Karmaklubb* has realised more than 100 projects, among them hosted approximately 45 events of various sorts — at clubs, museums, art spaces, festivals, and more — in addition to launching an extensive amount of other projects on- and offline.

The Karmaklubb* logo (‘The Claw’) is drawn by artist Constance Tenvik (NOR).

Website: https://karmaklubb.com
Contact: karmaklubb(at)protonmail(dot)com
Follow: @karmaklubb_oslo

A very special thank you to Tine Semb for coordinating on behalf of Karmaklubb*